Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We create quilts and pillowcases!

Since 2013, Snuggled has provided a quilt and a pillowcase for each camper who attends Flying Horse Farms.  In 2018 we added a pillowcase for each summer camper. We were also able to expand our giving by donating a quilt and a pillowcase for each family member who comes to weekend Family Camps.​

Volunteers help in all steps of the creation of the quilts and pillowcases from start to finish; donating fabrics, preparing fabrics by pressing, sorting and cutting; making kits, making pillowcases, quilt tops, backs, and bindings; tying or machine quilting the quilts, and adding the bindings. Before being donated all quilts and pillowcase are laundered. Some of the volunteers do that for us.  Prior to campers' arrival days a crew of volunteers' "dress" the beds with the quilts, and pillowcases.

You DO NOT have to know how to sew, or quilt, because, as you can see, there are numerous other opportunities and ways to help-in person or at home.

How many quilts & pillowcases do you supply?

2019 - Snuggled donated a total of 607 quilts and 766 pillowcases for campers and families. We could not do what we do without our volunteers and the generosity of donors.
2020 - Sadly, because of COVID-19, all camps for 2020 were suspended. However, we were still able to donate 425 pillowcases to be included in the "Camp-in-a-Box" that were put together and delivered to campers. We donated several dozen fabric face masks to be used at camp as needed. 17 quilts & 34 pillowcases were donated for raffles at holiday "Light up Camp" events at Flying Horse Farms.
​2021 - Camp-Possible! 131 pillowcases were included in this year's "Camp-in-a-Box". Flying Horse Farms celebrated their 10th anniversary by welcoming families for 12 weekend camps throughout the late spring, summer and fall. Over 400 quilts and pillowcases were provided to campers and families who came. And another 17 quilts were donated for raffles during "Light Up Camp" nights, all proceeds benefitted camp.
2022 - We were back to normal and provided over 641 quilts and 729 pillowcases for campers and families at Flying Horse Farms. 
2023 - We've added a new branch in Ashland, Ohio.  Snuggled has also expanded our inventory to include 
Cancer Capes, port pillows, bedside hanging bags, and child size walker/wheelchair bags.

Do you accept quilts?

If you would like to create and donate a completed quilt, ​ pillowcase or a quilt top, we would like you to keep in mind that the campers' age range is 8-15 years old. Rangers are 16-17 years old.

1.) Completed rectangular quilts that will be used on twin size bunk beds; Ideal size is approximately 58”x 68” after it has been quilted and bound. No smaller than 55" X 65", no larger than 65" X 75."  A completed quilt consists of a top, batting, and backing. Edges bound with an attached binding.  We are more in need of boys' quilts for ages 14-17, than girls' quilts.

2.) Pillowcases standard sized, constructed of NEW COTTON fabric, with finished seams -Serged or enclosed (French).  We are more in need of pillowcases for younger boys and girls in the age range, 8-10 years old.

How else may I help? 

We accept donations:

*100% cotton fabric-kid friendly prints, please no glittery fabrics, sewing & quilting supplies, long arm and machine quilters to finish some of the quilts, volunteers' time to help in all the steps of the creation of our pieces and $money$ to purchase supplies.

What is happening in 2023?

We are at full swing in all of our scheduled locations and our small independent groups.  We are not only growing in numbers of volunteers, donors and locations, we are also expanding with new comfort items (Cancer Capes, port pillows, bedside hanging bags, and child size walker/wheelchair bags) projects.  

Teamwork at Snuggled


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About us

Snuggled in Hope Quilts was formed in the spring of 2012. We are completely volunteer and donation based; 100% of operating costs are funded by the generosity of donors. 100% of monetary donations go directly back into our mission. We receive no funds from Flying Horse Farms.

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