We are growing! YEAH! We have received requests to “Hold Snuggled meetings in  Cincinnati and even in other States!” Well, we just can’t do that, so here’s what WE ARE going to do.

We are going to create more “Small Groups” - where 3, 4 or more people meet in individuals’ homes, churches, senior centers or other local available facilities.

Snuggled will supply kits and occasionally visit (if requested/and if possible) to teach new patterns/skills and provide updates on our current activities.

If requested, we could even help the new group get setup and started!


The Elgin Quilters meet every Monday morning
in LaRue, Ohio to make quilts for Snuggled in Hope Quilts.

"Quilt Kits" are provided for our each of the colleagues,
who piece them together.  Quilt Kits maybe provided by
Snuggled or when the Elgin Quilters furnish
their own material, they make up their own Quilt Kits.
When material is donated to The Elgin Quilters,
it is also made into Quilt Kits.

Once a Quilt Kit is turned into a Quilt Top, they send them to be quilted and bound. The Quilt Top maybe quilted and bound by a colleague or sent directly to Snuggled for quilting and binding.

The Elgin Quilters have been together for several
years and think they are very lucky to be able to
leave their sewing supplies in the room that they use each week.

If you would like to find out more about
The Elgin Quilters – please contact
Karen at [email protected]


PO Box 53
Mt. Gilead, OH 43338, US

About us

Snuggled in Hope Quilts was formed in the spring of 2012. We are completely volunteer and donation based; 100% of operating costs are funded by the generosity of donors. 100% of monetary donations go directly back into our mission. We receive no funds from Flying Horse Farms.

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